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An AI Chatbot for Telehealthcare

Everything is moving online during the COVID-19 Pandemic, including our healthcare. This is the rise of Telehealthcare. As our . DocBot is an AI Chatbot that can diagnose and reccomend treatment for free- especially for COVID-19.

Talk with DocBot

Using Google's state of the art Natural Language Processing model, BERT, DocBot is trained to talk just like a human doctor. Additionally, he can speak more than 100 Languages using Natural Translation.

A Pocket Doctor

DocBot's NLP can accurately identify patient symptoms that are used to diagnose the conditon and reccomend treatment accordingly.


DocBot uses past visits to generate personalized healthcare. Since DocBot is always with you, it will regularly check in with your health.

How can we connect essential health services to half the world that lacks it?

Half the world lacks access to essential health services

According to the World Health Organization: "At least half of the world's population cannot obtain essential health services. Currently, 800 million people spend at least 10 percent of their household budgets on health expenses for themselves, a sick child or other family members. For almost 100 million people these expenses are high enough to push them into extreme poverty, forcing them to survive on just $1.90 or less a day." For many people, doctors are inaccessible due to socioeconomic conditions, locational barriers, and limited doctor supply.

The Rise of Remote Healthcare

One of the most promising existing solutions is telemedicine: Connecting online physicians with patients through text and video conferencing calls. However, there lies a huge problem with scalability and costs. Doctors are expensive to employ which makes telemedicine not viable for the majority of the world's population. Humans physicians and doctors will always be expensive, and scarce to go around equally around the world. We needed a solution that is a viable option for everyone in world, no matter the background.

Assisting Telehealthcare with AI Doctors

What if we could maintain the quality of telemedicine while decreasing costs and increasing accessibility by 100X without the employment of doctors? This is the mission of DocBot, an AI chatbot that can diagnose and prescribe treatment based on patient data the same way doctors do, eliminating the need for humans. Unlike doctors, DocBot is significantly cheaper as the costs lie in cloud computation which costs pennies per session, making it a viable option to billions of people.

Natural Language Processing

Using Google's BERT, DocBot generates relevant human-like responses. To deduce symptoms, DocBot uses a tranfer learning BioBERT symptom classifier to identify and classify relevant information from the conversation. The best part about this is that each session cost pennies.

MedicAPI for Diagnosis

Once all symptoms have been communicated by the patient, DocBot will run the classified symptoms through APIMedic API to accurately diagnose the patient's condition and prescribe treatment accordingly.

Want to use DocBot?

DocBot is still in development by a young team of bright innovators. We will be launching DocBot Alpha on docbot.ca by the end of April 2020.

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